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The Seeker is a recording project by independent artists Daryl Ropp and Joe Purrenhage and they have been creating all original music since 1997. Originally the two met as members of the Detroit based band Earthbound and after that band was done they wanted to continue to create music together.

Both Daryl and Joe have been recording since the early '90s with Daryl working on a Marantz 4 track cassette recorder and Joe working on ADATs and Mackie hard drive units. Through much trial and error both started honing the recording skills along with their ability to play multiple instruments each.

The project created some early releases that Joe released under the Online Bands Music label through the early internet days of sites like, CD Baby and his own site at Online Bands. These productions were demo quality and most were done at 3rd Floor Studio by Daryl. As the main songwriter and lyricist, he would bring complete albums to Joe at times.

Early Releases

  • Objects 1997
  • MM 2000
  • Happenstance 2001
  • Hummingbirds and Meteors 2002

Daryl Ropp

Daryl is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and songwriter as well as a recording engineer.

Daryl Ropp

  • Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Dulcimer
  • Lyrics and music
  • 3rd Floor Studio which is based on a Roland hard disc recorder

Joe Purrenhage

Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

Joe Purrenhage

  • Guitar, Keyboards, Drums
  • Music
  • Online Bands Studio based on Logic workstation

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